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About Us

    Our Purpose

    • To promote the communication and cooperation of those persons involved in Human Resource Management
    • To provide a professional forum for the exchange of ideas
    • To promote better Human Resource policies, methods and procedures which will develop higher standards of performance in the field of Human Resource Management
    • To provide a pool of Human Resource Management Leaders for continuing succession of the chapter

    Who We Serve

    • Employers of all sizes
    • Corporate executives
    • Human Resource practitioners at all career levels
    • Individuals with some Human Resource responsibilities included in their regular job duties
    • People who are dedicated to and interested in Human Resources


    The Human Resources Association of North Iowa formed in 1984. It is a chartered chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management.

    The HRA of North Iowa has over fifty members from a diverse cross section of HR practitioners with members from manufacturing, service, staffing and consulting businesses.

    Our By-Laws

    Click here to review our by-laws